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Occupy The Nation

Occupy Wall Street was formed to draw attention to the role powerful financial interests played in wreaking havoc on America’s economy. “The participation of every person, and every organization, that has an interest in returning the US back into the hands of its individual citizens is required.”

Occupy Wall Street is a “leaderless resistance movement” orchestrated through Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools. The Twitter hashtags #OccupyWallStreet and #TakeWallStreet lit up with coordination messages and solidarity tweets.


Look at the links below and join your city’s occupation movement and take back your freedom!  And remember to keep it peaceful.  Viva la rEVOLution!



@OccupyWallSt (New York, NY)           LIVESTREAM

@OccupyWallStNYC (New York, NY)     LIVESTREAM

@OccupyInfo (New York, NY)               LIVESTREAM

@Occupy_Boston (Boston, MA)           LIVESTREAM

@OccupyBaltimore (Baltimore, MD)

@Occupybuffalo (Buffalo, NY)            

@OccupyVermont (Vermont)

@OccupyBGM  (Binghamton, NY)

@OccupyUtica (Utica, NY)

@OccupyIthaca (Ithaca, NY)

@occupyhrva (Hampton Roads, VA)

@OccupyPhilly (Philadelphia, PA)

@OccupyRichmond (Richmond, VA)

@OccupyKSt  (Washington, DC)

@OccupyNewark  (Newark, NJ)

@OccupyProv (Providence, RI)

@occupypitt (Pittsburgh, PA)


@OccupyMaine (Portland, ME)

@OccupyNewHaven (New Haven, CT)

@OccupyHartford (Hartford, CT)


@OccupyChicago (Chicago, IL)             LIVESTREAM

@OccupyMadison  (Madison, WI) 

@OccupyCincy  (Cincinnati, OH) 

@OccupyMilwaukee (Milwaukee, WI)

@occupygreenbay (Green Bay, WI)

@OccupyMemorial  (Kansas City, MO)  LIVESTREAM

@OccupyKC (Kansas City, MO)             LIVESTREAM

@occupywichita  (Wichita, KS)

@OccupyMN (Minnesota)

@OccupyMpls (Minneapolis, MN)

@OccupyCleveland (Cleveland, OH)

@OccupySTL (St. Louis, MO)

@OccupyAppleton (Appleton, WI)

@OccupyCOMO (Columbus, MO)

@OccupyIndy (Indianapolis, IN)

 @OccupyFortWayne  (Fort Wayne, IN)  

@OccupyOsu  (Oklahoma State University)

@OccupyYoungstow (Youngstown, OH)

@OccupyTulsa (Tulsa, OK)

@OccupyToledo (Toledo, OH)

@OccupyIowa  (Des Moines, IA)

@OccupyDetroit21 (Detroit, MI)

@OccupyStJoseph (St. Joseph,MO)


@OccupyLexKy  (Lexington, KY)

@OccupyLou (Louisville, KY)

@OccupyBham (Birmingham, AL)

@OccupyNOLA (New Orleans, LA)        LIVESTREAM

@OccupyCharlotte (Charlotte, NC)

@OccupyRaleigh (Raleigh, NC)

@OccupyHouston (Houston, TX)          LIVESTREAM

@occupyarkansas (Arkansas)

@OWSAtlanta (Atlanta, GA)

@Occupy_N_GA_now (Northern Georgia)

@occupycolumbus (Columbus, GA)

@OccupySavannah (Savannah SC)

@OccupyAustin (Austin, TX)                LIVESTREAM

@OccupyFlorida (Florida) 

@OccupyTampa (Tampa, FL)

@OccupyNashville (Nashville, TN)

@OccupyMiami (Miami, FL)

@OccupyJax (Jacksonville, FL)

@OccupyOrlandoFL (Orlando, FL)

@OccupyTallie (Tallahasee, FL)

@OccupyPensacola (Pensacola, FL)

@OccupySarasota (Sarasota, FL)

@OccupyGvilleFL (Gainesville, FL)

@OccupyPSL (Port St. Lucie, FL)

@OccupyAVL (Asheville, NC)

@OccupyNCGBORO (Greensboro, NC)

@OccupySanAnto  (San Antonio, TX)

@occupyelpaso (El Paso, TX)

@OccupyClarksvil (Clarksville, TN)

@OccupyCHA  (Chattanooga, TN)

@OccupyKnoxville (Knoxville, TN)

@OccupyJackson (Jackson, MS)

@OccupyColumbia (Columbia, SC) 

@OccupyFlorence (Florence, SC)

@OccupyHsv (Huntsville, AL)


@OccupySacto (Sacramento, CA)

@OccupyDenver  (Denver, CO)

@Occupy_SEATTLE (Seattle, WA) 

@OccupyWA  (Olympia, WA)

@OccupyTacoma  (Tacoma WA)

@OccupySanJose (San Jose, CA)

@OccupySantaCruz (Santa Cruz, CA)

@Occupyportland (Portland, OR)           LIVESTREAM

@occupyeugene (Eugene, OR)

@OccupySF (San Francisco, CA)            LIVESTREAM

@OccupyLA (Los Angeles, CA)              LIVESTREAM

@OccupyLasVegas (Las Vegas, NV)       LIVESTREAM

@OccupyReno (Reno, NV) 

@occupyphoenix (Phoenix, AZ)

@OccupyTucson (Tuscon, AZ)

@OccupyCSU (California State University)

@occupy_slc  (Salt Lake City)

@OccupyBurque (Albuquerque, NM)

@OccupySantaFe (Santa Fe, NM)

@OccupyRiverside (Riverside, CA)

@OccupySR (Santa Rosa, CA)

@OccupySpokane (Spokane, WA)

@OccupyHawaii (Hawaii)


@OccupyToronto (Toronto, ON)

@OccupyVancouver (Vancouver, BC)

@OccupyOttawa (Ottawa, ON)

@OccupyWinnipeg (Winnipeg, MB)

@OccupyVictoria (Victoria, BC)

@OccupyNB (New Brunswick)

@OccupyNS (Halifax, NS)

@OccupyHalifax (Halifax, NS)

@OccupyMontreal (Montreal, QB)

@OccupyYEG (Edmonton, AB)

@OccupyPEI  (Prince Edward Island)


@OccupyMCR  (Manchester)

@OccupyGlasgow (Glasgow)

@OccupyEdinburgh (Edinburgh)

@OccupyStAndrews (St. Andrews)

@OccupyLondon (London)

@OccupyBelfast (Belfast)

@OccupyNorwich (Norwich)


@occupySYDNEY (Sydney)

@OccupyPerth (Perth)

@OccupyBrisbane (Brisbane) 

@OccupyMELBOURNE (Melbourne)

@OccupyAdelaide (Adelaide)


@occupyadam (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

@OccupyDenHaag (The Hague, Netherlands)

@OccupyRotterdam (Rotterdam, Netherlands)

@OccupyParis (Paris, France)

@OccupySwiss (Zurich, Switzerland)

@OccupyDublin (Dublin, Ireland)

@OccupyLjubljana   (Ljubljana, Slovenia)  LIVESTREAM

@occupybrussels (Brussels, Belgium)

@OccupyFrankfurt (Frankfurt, Germany)


@OccupyTokyo (Tokyo)


@OccupyTijuana (Tijuana, Mexico)

 @OccupyBrazil (Brasilia, Brazil)

@OccupyArgentina (Buenos Aires, Argentina





Black in Latin America in Review

 Black in Latin America is a four-part series on the influence of African descent on Latin America produced by Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates, Jr. He featured six Latin-American countries in the series: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru. Many people don’t know that only 450,000 Africans arrived in the United States. More than 10.5 million were taken to the Caribbean and Latin America. Brazil has the 2nd largest black population in the world.
After watching all four parts of the documentary I am proud of being black and it hurts me to see others have such disdain for their African heritage. But I understand it is the effects of slavery. The documentaries show how the world does not acknowledge certain parts of black history. France, Britain and the Americas refused to recognize Haiti as a free country. Thomas Jefferson referred to Haiti as “cannibals of the terrible republic”. Haitians have a rich history in being the 1stfree black republic. They were originally brought to the DR to work the jobs that Dominicans refused. As a result Dominicans saw themselves as better than Haitians. Growing up in Miami being called a Haitian was an insult.  I believe it is still the slavery mentality that people carry towards Haitians because they are simply Africans, undiluted, with the same blood and same features.
Many Latin Americans sense of self was Spanish, not black or white. They saw Spain as their motherland. The common theme among all the countries was the darkest people; the African-looking people were the poorest. Black Hispanics have encountered a noticeable degree of racial discrimination and prejudice, due to the sociocultural leftovers from colonial times. The black element had been repressed. Elitist set out to whiten their heroes if they were too black and outlaw black practices. President Rafael Trujillo of Dominican Republic, who led an Anti-Haitian regime, was said to have used make-up to whiten his face. He also ordered the killings of over 20,000 Haitians in 1937.  Despite the fact that more slaves went to Mexico and Peru than in the U.S it is very common for Mexicans to “hide their black grandmas in the closet” still to this day. Gates says “you can’t be great if you try to suppress a huge part of your history, your identity.”  There are still many black Latin Americans fighting for equality within government, media, education and public policy.
Ever heard someone say they want to date someone light skin with “good hair” just for the sake of having kids with them? Too many black Americans and Caribbean’s favor light skin, straight hair and light eyes. It seems straightening your hair makes one feel prettier. No one wants to be just black.  Your great-great-great grandmother was a Navajo Indian so you claim “I got some Indian in me” as if being black is negative.  Its almost expected that people are of mixed races. I appreciate all the inter-racial couples that lead to my existence but am I supposed to go around claiming every ethnic ancestor I have? I would be Scottish, French, Syrian Jew, Cuban, Indian, and Chinese Jamaican.  In Latin America the denial of being black is quiet, unspoken but in some places it is very loud and outright. People say “she’s pretty for a dark skin girl” as if being light skin makes one beautiful. But sadly that is how some people feel. Bleaching of the skin is becoming this huge epidemic among Caribbeans and even some Africans. I believe bleaching is a clear sign of self-hatred, the desire to erase how God made you in order to be something else. But can I really blame them? It has been shown that if your light skin or exotic looking you get more attention, respect. Social climbing is based on embracing a white identity. Most, if not all, high-ranking government officials in the Caribbean and Latin Americas have been light skin. Slavery was a powerful thing that worked, it stripped people of their roots, the thing that connects us all. It made us segregate each other instead of building with each other.
I recommend watching the Black in Latin America series and see for yourself. I believe the purposes of these documentaries are to expose the denial of African ancestry as well as showcase how integrated Africa is in Latin America. You will see the many Hispanics still holding on to African roots through food, music, and religion. You will learn of an ignored history. Watch and ask yourself if you still carry the traces of a slave mentality and how your life is influence by Africa?

Black in Latin America, PBS Video– All four parts