Red Tails! Must See!

I’ve always been fascinated with history in general and was so excited to see Red Tails because I wanted to support the film.  But after reading the controversial posts about Red Tails, I was disappointed but even more anxious to see the film for myself.

I was most disturbed by the comments posted about the lack of historical content in the film.  I  wish people could see the bigger picture.   This is an opportunity to show Hollywood that black films can be successful without degrading our culture by appearing ignorant or obnoxiously self righteous.  It’s not like Red Tails was a minstrel show.  It was “inspired by true events.”  And the cast was excellent.  After reading so many comments it seemed as if there was some expectation for George Lucas to make an educational film.  WAKE UP PEOPLE! You must take responsibility and educate your children.  I say we must take responsibility because of my own experience.

I grew up in a household where we read and watched documentaries about Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Muhammad Ali, and Dorothy Dandridge long before seeing the movies.  We discussed concepts like apartheid and gentrification.  I remember the day my parents took me to see Nelson Mandela when he visited Harlem.  I was only 5 years old.  My exchanges with people like Ambassador Dudley Thompson and Randall Robinson made their books and history come to life!  So when I did go see Malcolm X, Glory, Amistad and Sarafina etc. I was familiar with the content.  There are so many free resources available to educate ourselves.

I’ve also seen many posts about the interracial relationship between Lightning and the Italian woman.  She was the only love interest in the film, which made sense to me since there weren’t loads of black women living in that region at the time.  Even now, think about the number of military men who marry or date women outside of the race because of their assignment.  Besides, how many women don’t like a man in a uniform who looks like he has something going on for himself?  I think the love story humanized Lightning.

I’m glad I saw the movie on opening night. I’ve been digging even further into the history of the Red Tails, African American women who were pilots and other Tuskegee experiments.  I just hope that people will be excited about the fact that a part of the “Red Tails” story is being told, see the bigger picture and support the film.



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A woman truly guided by my thirst for knowledge and global culture. Lover of the arts. Passionate about music and finds joy in teaching children. I prefer to dance through my journey in life.

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