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Hide your uterus..Mississippi wants to ban abortions.

Today voters in Mississippi are up against Proposition 26 which would introduce the toughest anti-abortion restrictions in America by giving all fertilised embryos the same rights of people.

If passed the “personhood amendment”, would redefine the term “person” to begin at the point of conception, which would ban abortion. They could restrict in-vitro fertilization, which typically involves fertilising several eggs and then using just one or two. There will limited access to birth-controls that prevent embryos from implanting in a woman’s uterus, such as intrauterine devices.

I am pro-choice. So naturally I am against this proposition. I am looking at the consequences of this admendment. It literally forces a female to give up her own “personhood” and constitutional rights at the moment of conception. I don’t want the government with their hands in my uterus. It takes away our right to choose. A women may be placed in a position where she may be charged with MURDER for not keeping the child. Women who face pregnancy complications would be unable to terminate the pregnancy. Ending an ectopic pregnancy WOULD NOT be considered self-defense even though ectopic pregnancies remain the leading cause of pregnancy-related death in the first trimester of pregnancy.  If the right to abortion is taken away, then women would only resort to self-induced or back-alley abortions. So anyone could claim to perform them, and with no other alternatives women would be dying due to infections, unsterilized instruments and conditions, and improperly performed procedures. It is a lot to demand of a women who is raped to give birth and keep the child. The morning after pill will also be illegal, and if a woman is raped she will be required to carry the baby to term and put the baby up for adoption if she chooses.  Could you imagine if you got pregnant by being raped and then having your rapists baby? Yes, I know it is not the baby’s fault but how many women could actually raise that child without some type of emotional toll or resentment? I personally don’t know what I would do but I do know I don’t want someone else to make that decision for me.

If this passes in Mississippi, it will encourage this amendment to be put on ballots in key states such as Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin next year, affecting millions of women. This proposition will do more harm than good. It will almost be impossible to please everyone when it comes to abortion that is why it should be the woman’s choice to decide what is right for her body, her life. Proposition 26 is not the answer.

Voting in your state and local polls are so important, more important than voting for president. Know the issues and vote responsibly.