Southern Fried Poetry Slam 2011

If you were in Atlanta and did not attend the 19th Annual Southern Fried Poetry Slam or The 15 Project you missed two monumental events.
Southern Fried was held June 8-11.  It is the 2nd largest poetry competition in the nation.  As community liaison I had the pleasure of inviting members of local organizations to participate and observe the festivities.  Many of the first timers had no idea that Southern Fried was such a huge event and wish it was held in Atlanta each year.  Fortunately, this poetry slam is designed to travel from city to city each year so poets and lovers of the art can partake in the festivities all over the country.  I enjoyed observing each of the bouts at the four different locations in the Castleberry Hill area.  The level of talent and diversity was just incredible.  Jam packed days with events such as yoga, children’s workshops, community service, cook out etc made this experience very memorable for the attendees. For some, the Will Bell Tribute made the poetry slam official.  150 poets and 30 teams came from all over to compete for the bragging rights and $7,500.  The team winner was Atlanta’s own JavaMonkey. Check out the official page for updates for the 2012 Southern Fried Poetry Slam.

My Top 3  Highlights
1. Sacred Sounds  from Tampa, Fl
2. BackTalk from Tallahassee, Fl
3. Singing a Boys II Men song with random participants and volunteers while driving down Fair St in the golf cart .

Many thanks to Paul D, Shadow, Keith Rogers, Bethsheba and all who worked so hard to make this event happen.

Group piece from some of the members of BackTalk


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A woman truly guided by my thirst for knowledge and global culture. Lover of the arts. Passionate about music and finds joy in teaching children. I prefer to dance through my journey in life.

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