Rebel Spotlight on Lyrical Genius Will “Da Real One” Bell

So I Run…

Mental Miming.. A letter to the artist in me.

In order to be considered for the Rebel Spotlight, one must have done something epic, something that resonates in the souls of many and inspires positive change.  Over the last few weeks we have felt many greats such as Gill Scott Heron and Elmer “Geromino” Pratt former Black Panther Party member transcend to the next level.  Both were rebels and revolutionaries  in their own right. The cause of the deaths are unknown.

This weeks spotlight, however, will feature Will “Da Real One” Bell.  He transcended on May 29th in the early morning hours. Bell was walking to his car when another vehicle pulled up and opened fire.  I know it took some time for reality to set in and has yet to do so for others. We are acknowledging this literary soldier because his movements, thoughts and words touched the lives and hearts of so many.  His story is truly inspirational.  Bell’s grind from the bottom to the top is an example that we can make it and assist others along the way.  He was an activist and also focused on advancement for battered and abused women. He participated and initiated many fundraisers to support this cause.  Will “Da Real One” Bell is missed and we are grateful for those who knew him personally and gave him flowers while he could still smell them.

Home going Services will be held on Saturday, June 4, 2011 at 1pm @ Upper Room Ministries (formerly Cooper Temple, 3800 NW 199 Street, Miami Gardens, FL 33055). The viewing will be on Friday, June 3 @ Wright & Young Funeral Home from 9am-9pm (15332 Northwest 7th Avenue, Miami 33169).

by Will Bell on Thursday, April 21, 2011

I used my pen, to escape from the pen,

fixed myself among broken men,

I was broken then,

so I wrote from with in, self confession produced hope in the end,

had to walk away from most of my friends,

and it seems that life has me walking again,

hopelessness like a crazy ex is stalking again,

voices in my head is talking again,

vivid memories of the coroner chalking my friend,

I take sleep medication hoping to see my Mother again,

hug my woman only to wish to be her lover again,

and you knew me when?

By way of smile not produced by joy but by amazement of my ability not to cry,

my level of faith not allowing me to ask God why,

you register the times I fail yet forget to credit me when I try,

do you know that on most days i don’t even care if I die?

Therefore who cares if you lie in the mentioning of my character, when the ear that listens is just as foul as the mouth that speaks it,

your life is what you sow so dont be a bitch when its time for you to reap it,

and your apology you can keep it,

because i forgave you long before you knew that I was even aware of your wrongful judgement against me,

and i still wish you peace…

Promised God upon my release that I wouldn’t be back,

so i’m using my pen to escape again,

walking away from some friends all over again, so i can mend,

and I prayed the whole time writing this so i guess, the end,


(This was his last Facebook note.)


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  1. Real World Newb

    Planning on sharing this with my readers!

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