The Honor Rebel Spotlight – Revolutionary Musician Bob Marley

Mortimer Planno, Rastafarian elder and spiritual mentor to Bob Marley among others, gave a speech at the University of West Indies in 2002.  During which he spoke about the concept of the term honorable and how we should honor our rebels.

So in this weeks Rebel Spotlight we would like to highlight the Honor Rebel Berhane Selassie more popularly known as Bob or Robert Nesta Marley.  On May 11, 1981 this world class musician transcended due to cancer.

Bob was amazingly talented and influenced a politically conscious movement through his music.  This soulful singer and crowd rocker was also very famous for the example and courage he displayed at the One Love Peace Concert in 1978 when he asked two men to join him on stage as a sign to the people that unity would come.  The opposing men were Michael Manley, member of the People’s National Party and Prime Minister since 1972 and Edward Seaga, member of the Jamaican Labour Party.  Both had involved heavy gangsters and corrupt police officers to gain power in Jamaica.  Lots of blood was shed and lives lost during this era.   Some of the issues a majority of Jamaicans were concerned about were financial instability and the need for development all over the country.  Bob simply wanted unity and equality for his beloved people.  After some local acts, Jacob “Killer” Miller and Peter Tosh blessed the stage Bob was ready.  While performing the song “Jammin” Manley and Seaga joined Bob on stage.

Bob had well established himself as a revolutionary.  His entire career prepared him for this moment. He was no stranger to injustice or speaking for those who couldn’t. A true striva for the people.  Music was his gun and he used it well to spread the truth about the peoples struggles. Bob spoke out against those who subscribed to oppression.  No matter how much sorrow he expressed, Bob always had a lyric to pull us back up.  The ammunition he has is endless because his music lives on generation after generation through memorable melodies that soothe the soul and motivate us to “push on through.”

Rebel Artistry’s Top Ten list of Bob Marley’s most politically charged and influential songs.

1. War
2. Get Up, Stand Up
3. Wake Up and Live
4. Buffalo Soldier
5. Ambush in the Night

6. Slave Driver
7. Africa Unite
8. Zimbabwe
9. Stiff Necked Fools
10. Concrete Jungle
The Honor Rebel Robert Nesta Marley was a great man and had so many uplifting songs so we thought we’d share the rest of our long list. Enjoy!

Rat Race
Who the Cap Fit
400 Years
Burnin’ and Lootin’
Coming in from the Cold
I Shot the Sheriff
Duppy Conqueror
The Heathen
So Much Trouble in the World
One Love/People Get Ready
No More Trouble
Them Belly Full, But We Hungry
Zion Train


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