Afro Punk Rocks!!!

Afro Punk in the simplest terms is a merge between people of African descent and punk, rock, or other alternative forms of music.  On the global scene, “black music” consists of soulful melodies, wicked bass rifts, and is modular or minor based in structure.  As people of color we are expected to listen to music from Gil Gelberto, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin, and James Brown, to Mos Def and Mary J Blige.  Now they are all amazing in their own right but AfroPunk is a true work of art as well.  The fusion of so many genres and sounds is a challenging yet exciting task for the talented musicians who choose to delve into the culture.  Many people don’t realize how many similarities there are between these styles of music.  In 1977, Bad Brains, one of the most popular bands in the Afro-meets-punk-meets-Rock genre, was formed in Washington, D.C.  They also had a heavy reggae influence in their music.

Today my favorite AfroPunk band has to be Game Rebellion. Check out their latest video  “Blood on the Dancefloor”, produced by Royal Ras Productions and Artful Dodger. They are all such incredible people.  I saw them live for the first time at AFROPUNK ’10 NYC at the  Comodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, NY.  The band was too live for the stage. Netic climbed on top of vans. Emi killed the keys, and as a pianist myself I couldn’t help but appreciate his raw talent. Yohimbe hypnotized members of the audience with his outrageous guitar sounds. I mean the entire band was just WICKED.  This of course was my first experience in a mosh pit.  Which lasted only a few seconds because I just don’t like the concept of someone knocking their body into mine in the middle of a concert. Then I saw The Bots.  The most adorable duo you’ll ever hear. 14 and 17 year old brothers who know how to rock the stage and maintain an audience. Bad Brains was there too and dominated the end of the show.  I seriously had never seen anything like it before and hope to attend another AfroPunk or similar festival in the future.

From my experience the shows are very energetic, loud, aggressive, and if you know what to listen for, you can hear the heavy percussion that is fused with an African sound… So it’s summer time again and I hope to catch Game Rebellion, Black Vampires or The Bots sometime soon.


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A woman truly guided by my thirst for knowledge and global culture. Lover of the arts. Passionate about music and finds joy in teaching children. I prefer to dance through my journey in life.

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  1. Thanks. As a lover of all genres I thought it would be cool to share my experience. I didn’t grow up listening to this kind of music and I may not listen to it frequently but, I’ve enjoyed watching it blossom into the beautiful art form it is today.

  2. I would like to add to Dr. Meghoo’s statement by suggesting that regardless of all corporate created images, AfroPunk genre has managed to take the game to a new level. I am grateful for the bloggers effort to provide such an energetic up lighting article. I especially appreciate the links. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Artistic expression is unlimited and when it comes to black folks we are at the helm of the game, though rarely given credit. I am glad you mentioned Bad Brains in your article as so many don’t realize what cats like Vernon Reid from Living Color or HR of BB did to keep the African Artistic ingenuity rolling. This music is about our evolution, our expression and our assertion over all corporate created images and ideologies over what we should be, sing, and dance to. Nice article and great insight!

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