To: Libya From: Barack

Sooo. After last night’s speech by our President I’ve never seen as many mixed emotions about his decision.  Some people are stating that Obama needs to go back to Chicago.  Or that he is crazy for becoming involved.  Then you have those who say that the U.S. should be more aggressive in the approach.  But President Obama has said that he is not interested in starting a third war on top of Iraq and Afghanistan.   Another war during a recession just makes no sense, the country simply can’t afford it.  Others feel like we should know more about what is going on and what Libya is looking like since the U.S. has decided to do something.

Let’s think about this situation seriously.

President Barack Obama’s speech aired on CNN last night.  Prior to this mess in Libya he expressed his interest in ending the wars and getting the troops home. We now have a serious situation in Libya and the President decided he was going to do something about it.  President Obama is most concerned about the innocent lives of many civilians and agreed to assist the UN with the No Fly zone and arms embargo to prevent Gadhafi from releasing his military on his own people.  NATO will take the front seat this week and the U.S. will play a different role by supporting in things like intelligence and logistics etc.  This also diminishes the costs.   I was anxious when I heard that there were hopes of NATO taking over but am pleased to know that it has been confirmed.

Obama rejected the criticism and stated that he had moral and strategic reasons behind his decision to send forces to Libya.  It seems as though the President felt some sort of obligation to assist with the matter instead of waiting for the building of mass graves to act.

My thoughts… hmmm…  Most of us aren’t making the decisions to move to Libya or come home.  Sometimes too much press coverage works to the advantage and other times not.  The information that Obama has given is all we have at this point and he doesn’t seem to want to start a war or overthrow Gadhafi by force.  It is what it is.  I agree with the fact that even though your safety may not be directly at risk, if your “interests or values”  are threatened you must act or accept that you may have compromised them by doing nothing.  You have to keep your principles in mind and protect what you stand for.

I’ll be tuned into CNN and Euronews. Listening to Jill Scott’s – My Petition.  Grateful for what liberties I have and continuing to look towards the light.  Let’s see how President Obama continues to defend the country’s values.


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  1. I agree and disagree. I know we have to wait and see and hope that the Obama regime is really compassionate and empathic about the Libyan people but I have serious doubts. If he was so moved by what was going on in Libya we would be dropping bombs all across the globe like it was Independence Day. This is a political move to protect American interest; light, sweet, and rare oil. Governments don’t bomb military bases out of love for the people. America outpaces the world in selling military technology and weapons and we happen to be in a horrible economic position. So it seems we have a perfect solution to our economic straits; unstable governments and rebel led anarchy. Soon Hilary Clinton will negotiate with the rebels as to who gets what from those oil wells and Obama will boast in his address as to how he brought America back from the brinks of self destruction.

  2. I would have to agree with all that has been said. One thing we as “One Nation” should do is pray for the citizens of Libya, and trust that Obama’s strategic decision is what will help both countries. After all, most of “us” were the one’s who helped him get the position of power he has now….

  3. I like your comments and honesty which says basically, “we don’t know hat’s really going on, why and when its going to be resolved.” Why unlike political pundits, conspiracy theorist ( of which I am a card carrying member) and other analysts who act like they really know what’s going on..this situation is a mess. Gadaffi has fooled many black folks into thinking he loves and respects us, nut we’ve been watching this mad man for years, now “story come to bump..” All we can do is watch and wait and pray that the people of Libiya, North Africa who are tired of the same ruler after 42 years and his pipeline straight from Libya to Italy sucking out our resources have raised there voice. They are the focal point. Democracy and “liberties” appear illusive at best and convenient at worst for this with “power” who do not subscribe to the greatest ruler of all time His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I who says (paraphrasing), “Power and authority are one side of the coin…the other is accountability and responsibility.” Good to see young people with eyes open wide..keep it up Rebel Artistry.

  4. Our Pres. is an exceptional human being. Let us all strive to rise above party lines as christains, and pray for those who are in Liyba.

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